Get sporty on the go

A variety of options in front of breathtaking backdrops

Bike in Grächen

Active recreation, and intense enjoyment of nature!

When Grächen calls, hardly anyone can resist such wonderful landscapes and surroundings. In addition, our beautiful mountain village offers plenty of other opportunities to experience active recreation and intense enjoyment of nature.

Tennis court

With such a great view from our hotel’s own quartz sand tennis courts, is it even possible to concentrate on the yellow tennis balls? Now and then, certainly!

Table tennis

Our little guests at the Hannigalp won’t be bored for even one second. They say children relax by playing, and if they can do that in the fresh air with a healthy high-altitude climate, all the better!


Mountain bikes

Biking in the mountains, an absolute experience! Experience sunny Grächen on two wheels. You won’t want to give our mountain bikes back afterwards!


How can you relax when hiking? It’s so simple! Enjoy the wonderful mountain world with its fascinating flora and fauna. You won’t believe how quickly the kilometres pass!

Winter sport

Whether it's skiing, snowboarding, sledging or snow biking, Grächen offers you an attractive and varied ski resort. Get a ski pass directly from us at reception. No need to queue. 

Aktiv Hotel & Spa Hannigalp

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