Sauna, steam bath adventure showers & more

Spa treatments as the icing on the cake for your holiday!

Sauna at Hotel Hannigalp, Grächen, Valais, Switzerland

Cosy warmth, healthy steam!

Whether hot and Finnish, organic and soft or healthy steam: Sauna how you like it best!

Finnish sauna

(8-10 persons)

Enjoy the traditional sauna at 80° – 90° and a panoramic window, which brings you even closer to the wonderful mountain world of the Matterhorn Valley.

Bio-soft sauna with Alpine herbs

(8-10 persons)

At a temperature of 50° – 60° and 50% humidity, even a gentle sauna is an experience. The integrated colour light therapy and the panoramic window will amaze you.

Steam bath

(4-6 persons)

In our steam bath, you can enjoy total relaxation and a fine fragrance at a high humidity of 80–100% at a temperature of 45° – 55°. The illuminated Grächen mountain crystal will reinforce your senses and your mountain holiday feeling.

Kneipp bubble pool

(2 persons)

With cold or warm water, the air bubble bath stimulates the circulation and allows your tired legs to immediately recover from hiking or skiing.

Adventure showers

(3 persons)

Whether it’s the mountain stream torrent in the Jungtal, a brief summer storm in the mountains, or both together. Our adventure showers let you forget all time and shower for as long as you want. Ice fountain The eternal ice which crashed from the Ried glacier will cool down your body temperature nicely after your sauna & steam bath, and will ensure vigorous blood circulation.

Relaxation room with stove fire

(8-10 persons)

In the bright, light-flooded relaxation room you can marvel at the panoramic view of our mountain world with the 4000-metre peaks such as the Weisshorn, Bishorn and Grand Gendarme, and at the same time enjoy the fire in the wood burning stove.

Aktiv Hotel & Spa Hannigalp

Heiminen 468, 3925 Grächen
+41 (0)27 955 1000

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