Hannigalp 4 families

The little ones are very important to us!

Hannigalp family

A kingdom for gourmets both big and small!

We guarantee that children will be satisfied splashing about in the indoor swimming pool, romping about in the playground or taking part in the numerous sporting activities. And in terms of catering, there are also special kids’ menus available, as well as children’s areas in the dining room.

In addition, your little ones really can let off steam to their heart’s content away from the traffic in the car-free area of the village.

Grächen is the place to go for varied family holidays in the Swiss Alps. In the summer, children can discover Robi’s play park and have the greatest adventures in the Indian village on the Hannigalp. The SiSU winter kids’ park offers children their first playful moments in the snow.

P.S. Do you know what our SISU mascot stands for? That’s right! For the speciality in Grächen: Sun guaranteed! How many days of sunlight are there? There are an unbelievable 299 and a half just waiting for you on the sun terrace in the Matterhorn Valley.


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